Frequently Asked Questions

On Twosday, 2/22/22 visit the App Store or Google Play and download Konnected.

Konnected Lives is a dating app for heterosexual working professionals who are at least 21 years of age. Society has moved towards the objectification of human beings. Konnected frowns upon hooking up and request that only users with well-intended intentions subscribe. Although Konnected kan’t end the hook-up kulture we live in, we kan konnect professional men seeking professional women and vice versa; who are looking for something deeper.

Konnected doesn’t have a long and daunting questionnaire to komplete but you are required to take the 8 question Konnectionnaire. Unmasking and truthfully kompleting Konnectionnaire will allow potential matches to understand what you’re looking for. Konnectionnaire is a unique questionnaire that assesses your readiness for a relationship and is a way to minimize wasting each other’s time!

Please report that user to Konnected Lives admin by klicking the report icon. Konnected will then open an investigation. Please note that Konnected has the right to terminate individuals who violate the terms and conditions.

Konnected is a dating app for professionals. Konnected describes a professional as a person formally certified by a professional body, an entrepreneur, or professional athlete. Konnected specifies “working” professional because you should be actively employed. It’s imperative that you have yourself together before trying to konnect with someone else.

Konnected Lives is a geo-location mobile application that finds users within 50 miles of your location. When you find users of interest swipe up to like and for those you wish to pass on, swipe down.

Once a match is made, the lady or gentleman can initiate the konversation. If the gentleman initiates the message, he sends a request to the lady and must be invited to have a konversation. If the lady initiated the message, it just sends without the need for approval and konversation is initiated.

Another way to konnect is via virtual gifts. If the gentleman is the initiator of a gift, the lady receives an accept or decline option. If she accepts, konversation is initiated. If she declines, there won’t be any kommunication. However, if the lady sends a gift, the gift sends to the gentleman without a formal accept or decline option.

Although we’re a new dating app, we promise to not create fake profiles to increase sign-ups like many other dating apps. We value authentic relationships and don’t want you to krush on a bot.

There are a multitude of free apps that many people use. However, Konnected has a quality over quantity focus. We only want serious users who are willing to invest in finding a meaningful relationship. When compared to other dating apps that have a fee, Konnected is still more reasonably priced.